All you need to know about ROI Tracking

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All you need to know about ROI Tracking

There’s always this love-hate relationship between the sales and marketing sectors of a company. It has been going on for years and there may never be an end to it! Such a vicious cycle.

Even though both the departments have the same end goal, of driving revenue and contributing to the overall success of the organization, they can just never do it together. No one can really understand why. When questioned, this is what they had to say…

Sales Rep:

“Marketers just don’t understand what we consider a lead. We’re passed ‘leads’ that are of low caliber and aren’t even qualified. Why would we want them? And what’s worse, sometimes, we don’t get leads at all. They just aren’t marketing it to the right people.”


“Our Sales team doesn’t know how to follow up and then they complain when they don’t receive leads. And when they do, the leads aren’t good enough for them. How is it our fault? How would they know when they wait too long to reach out or are too pushy when they do their follow-up (s)?”