Top Four Marketing Mistakes that Affect B2B Sales Team

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Top Four Marketing Mistakes that Affect B2B Sales Team

A Sales team’s efficiency is measured by how effectively they utilize their time in getting the sales. A classic complaint of the sales team in the industry is that they don’t get qualified leads from the marketing team and hence they are not able to close the deal.

Likewise we have n number of marketing mistakes we ought to do.

Many researches and surveys have found that Quality of the lead is at the top priority for B2B and B2C sales. Similarly, a report from BrightTALK showed, "B2B marketers have demonstrated the preference for generating high-quality leads (68%) over generating a high volume of leads (55%)."

So, let us now look into the top four b2b marketing mistakes and the possible solutions to come over those.

Insufficient Leads:

This refers to not having enough qualified leads in the bucket. A huge collection of non-qualified leads is a sure shot reason for the failure of any sales. Many of us often think that not getting enough leads would decrement the sales ratio. But this is not the actual fact. The reason being, a good sales executive doesn’t depend on any other resource to achieve the goal, rather they try to get the qualified lead by themselves and not blame the marketing team to provide them good leads.

Wrong Targeting:

Though you spend enough on paid advertising for getting qualified leads, you may not be getting the right customers. This happens often because of targeting the wrong personas while marketing. This results in high performance of marketing team and nil results in sales growth. Hence, opt for a proper sales and intelligence platform for right target profiles and increase your sales.

Right Time:

A qualified lead should always be handed to the sales team at the most appropriate time. If not, the time spent on fetching that lead would just go to waste. If a lead is handed over to the sales team at the earliest, it may result in a bad customer experience and reject your proposal. If handled later, it may run away from your hand and you miss the opportunity. To avoid this, a repeated approach or updating is needed to close the deal.

Invalid Data:

Yes, These Bad/ invalid data can be expensive to bear if not identified at the right time. Invalid data refers to wrong contact details of a prospect which the sales team interacts with. This will definitely result in losing trust from clientele. By interacting with the wrong prospects you will lose all credibility and unfortunately you cannot notice until it is too late. Hence, marketing team need to be very careful while sharing the prospects data.

With these mistakes eliminated it is for sure that your sales are at their peak. The most important mistake to be avoided in marketing is avoiding outdated and invalid data these directly impede the sales and marketing operations.