5 Best Ways to get Proven Results from Intent Data

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5 Best Ways to get Proven Results from Intent Data

What are some of the best ways to get proven results from Intent Data?

With the evolution of technology, consumers are sharing more data than ever before whilst keeping in mind the sensitivity of data privacy as well. This makes our businesses in a better position than ever before to get a micro view of their intentions rather than a macro picture, hence enabling us to gain more specific insights rather than a generic overview. When we enable an additional layer of timing, relevance, and context within campaigns, especially account-based campaigns. For example, I will go back to my example of user Mario. The specific insight that his intent data can lead leads me to can help me understand exactly his stage in the buying journey, based on the content and keywords that I am tracking him with. It also provides me clarity on his thoughts and sentiments attached to certain topics, giving me a more comprehensive view than the age-old traditional profiling.

By now we all know that we leave digital footprints as we scan the web and leave enough of a trail that reflects our interests, challenges, and most importantly, our intent to purchase a particular type of product, or interest in a similar topic. Intelligent intent platforms work by monitoring and storing such signals from across the web, ad networks, and social media, to build the layers that I spoke about above from the various traditional signals of consumers like Mario. When I put all this together and keep my campaign focus in mind, this insight can lead us to show who is most likely to buy from us.

With less than 5% of any audience actively seeking a one-time purchase, we need to think beyond the traditional boundaries of creating and designing a campaign and hoping for the best. Besides, Timing, Context, and Relevance, there are instances where Mario who is ready to buy and is about to close – suddenly changes his mind and has vanished into thin air. Maybe his priorities changed, budgets were not suitable, or they no longer need your solution. What do you do to avoid such instances? Strike while the iron is hot!! You need to convince Mario of your solution in the exact instant that he is mentioning his challenge to you

When the marketing team streamlines and personalizes the intent data messaging and sales reflect this in the 1:1 outreach, supported by a detailed cohesive plan is the key to a successful campaign with all consumers and helps boost sales.

Enhancing the retention rate of existing consumers. With the help of Intent data, if we capture customer dissatisfaction or in our case why Mario was unhappy by analyzing his action, providing him with the opportunity to cancel the “mu subscription page” at any point, he is most likely not to consider stopping using our services. Equipped with this crucial information, when we pay special attention to unhappy customers, we can create strategies that will help retain them.

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