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Intent Data is clearly the next big step in digital marketing and sales. COVID no doubt was disastrous and took a lot from most of us but it has also taught us the new normal of working – which is digital and digital all the way.

“Intent Data” with the phrase itself is self-explanatory and clearly means data used for a purpose intentionally. This is nothing but behavioral data collated and collected over time about an individual’s journey on the web, his purchase, and browsing patterns, and the website paths that they resort to before finally arriving at any decision.

At times an individual can choose to take learnings from the sites he visits, or can simply fill out a form to upload data by intentionally opting for it and at other times may just choose to do nothing. It is up to us as businesses to understand that journey and realize the true and unique potential of each of these journeys and translate them into potential revenue handles for our businesses. Let us understand, how we could use the right levers to do so.

How can we leverage intent data for our businesses?

Now that we know what intent data is, let us try and understand 4 specific and possible solutions on how we can tailor-make this data and use it as the right levers for our businesses. I call them the 4 P's. Let us take the example of Mario as a visitor.

Personalization goes a long way always

When Mario visits our website, he is anonymous and we do not know what he is looking for, but after we track his journey we know what he is looking for and then make use of web personalization to customize and tailor-make his needs and provide him with the information that he is looking for targeted at a specific action. For example: filling out a form on the site

Prioritize your leads

Now that we have sent a form to Mario, we are good, but we should have considered engaging with Mario before he downloads documents, pictures from our website. We do this by an interest level scale. When Mario visited our site he was on a scale of 3, when he downloaded documents he is at a scale of 6, when he buys from our site he is at a scale of 10. As businesses we need to prioritize when to target Mario with the right information and at which interest level scale.

Provide your confirmed leads with customized information

Personalized newsletters, offers, etc., with established leads, would always do the trick. Mario would love it

Potential customers’ engagement

Consider engaging with potential users through their social media feeds. etc., That way you can target users like Mario before they visit your site and we begin analysis.

The world of Intent data is vast but with the right intent and right motive, businesses like ours can go a long way in scaling up not only our revenues but also the quality of data that we build over time.

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